Treatment Concept of the Key Devices

What is pain? And how do you control it.

We now know that pain is a learned response by the nervous system in conjunction with the immune system and so particularly with chronic pain we have to be able to retrain the systems to restore function and then stop the pain.

Our clinical experience has shown that a Physiokey or Sanakey can do that retraining.

To understand how they do that we first have to look at the concepts of Functional Systems and Pathological Systems and how Non invasive Neurostimulation (Physiokey and Sanakey) is interactive in those systems.

When a body is healthy and functional the brain monitors and controls the whole body process easily. Pain is a message that the part of the body that is suffering needs protection. When there is this dysfunction the brain investigates and the makes a plan to restore the function to resolve the issue and it does it by way of gentle adaptive reactions. If however it is unable to maintain homeostasis it must implement a system to correct the imbalance or dysfunction and this is termed the Functional System.

Further, if it is then unable to complete the adaptive reaction, it calls on the body as a whole and the body informationally and energetically isolates the pathology in a strictly controlled structure to protect the rest of the body and preserve its limited energy resources. This is the Pathological System.

This system is the body`s compromise to incomplete healing which still provides for continuation of the usual and necessary other body functions. The body gets used to these repetitive signals and learns to ignore them (it develops tolerance) but it is still a protective mechanism often involving pain.

PAIN IS ABOUT PROTECTING PART OF THE BODY THAT WE BELIEVE NEEDS PROTECTION and it doesn`t necessarily involve tissue damage. This puts a wall up to healing. Pathological Systems are tough and unlike Functional Systems they do not provide adaptation. Functional Systems are constantly breaking down and reintegrating Pathological Systems are inflexible and each has its own structure in which there is a Generator of Pathological Excitement (GPE) established when the impulses from the Central Nervous System are not processed correctly. As a result the brain sees no necessity to for action to correct the pathology.

The GPE is like a red flashing light and as long as it flashes the pathological system will remain. Physiokey or Sanakey gradually turns down, then off this GPE, by changing the Pathological System a small bit at a time so that the body wakes up to its ignorance and places resources into the restoration by firstly forming a Functional Pathological System and by weakening and then shutting down the GPE it then becomes a full Functional System again that can be repaired by adaptation.

In Chronic cases we often have an overprotective nervous system which is a dominance by the Sympathetic Nervous System. A Physiokey or Sanakey breaks down that dominance by stimulating a release of regulatory neuropeptides from the brain (hypothalamus) to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is when we repair.

The Physiokey and Sanakey regulate through adaptive regulatory bundles of impulses which are driven by the individual body`s own responses and so it enhances the body`s adaptive reactions so that repair begins.

The first thing that occurs is restoration of function which always precedes pain relief.
So movement is critical as it suppresses the pain ,helps the body learn, protects against other problems and is the fastest way to recover.

In many chronic cases ,tissue damage is not the issue causing the pain – it is the nervous system reacting to a repeating incorrect signal. Again our clinical experience has shown that Physiokey and Sanakey can most often resolve that problem.

Written by Peter Stuart, concept by Chris Mortensen Pain Relief Specialist, Australia

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I do have re-occurring injuries. I had the opportunity to be treated by Chris Mortensen – the main benefit for me was being able to stretch further – improve my function mainly of my hips.

I have been using my device on my ruptured Patella tendon. I have found the treatment to be highly and immediately effective. This treatment has really improved my recovery.

Your service, ethics, and prompt attention and answers to the many questions have been greatly appreciated.As you know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Sanakey!   I have become quite possessive about it and told the kids they can come over and use it here, that way when WE need it, it’s here!

Peter and the team at Key Health Technology are knowledgeable and highly effective in supporting their practitioners and clients who purchase any of the Key devices. You will never be left alone to fend for yourself and can always ask questions.