Reasons to purchase a key device

Use a Physiokey and recommend or rent out a Sanakey

• 100% Drug Free Pain Relief
• Non Invasive, Painless, Safe
• Few If Any Undesirable Side Effects
• Can Be Used In Conjunction With Other Modalities
• Full Treatment Time Generally In 10 To 20 Minutes
• Clients Will Return Because Of High Efficacy
• Clients Will Give Word Of Mouth Recommendations
• It Is A “Now Time” Reflex Biofeedback Treatment With Little Chance Of Habituation key_treatment_key_health_technology
• Can Be Used Over Metal Implants Other Than Pacemakers And Similar
• Can Be Used On Babies Through To The Elderly And On Animals
• Extremely Efficient On A Large Variety Of Painful Conditions From Acute To Chronic
• Higher Chance Of Other Beneficial Health Outcomes Than Other Electronic Modalities
• The Most Advanced Energetic Medicine Devices Available
• Diagnostic Settings Allow Ongoing Targeted Treatments Showing Where To Treat In Following Session
• You Can Effectively Target Treatments For Maximum Efficacy
• Clients Can Buy A Personal Device For Home Use
self_treatment_key_health_technology• You Can Monitor Their Progress And Advise On Continuing Treatments
• Personal Devices Have A Simple User App And Free On Line Training
• Personal Devices Can Be Used Immediately Pain Presents For Very Fast Control
• Ergonomically Comfortable To Use
• Lightweight ,Portable ,Rechargeable, .Automatic Modes , Intuitive Touchscreen
• Iontophoresis (Key Phoresis) Capability For Pain Creams And Cosmetic Use
• Interchangeable Electrode Heads
• Saves Strenuous Massage Protocols To Extend Therapists Working Lifephysiokey_keyhealthtechnology
• No Recalibration Required
• Aesthetic Modern Appearance
• 2 Year Replacement Warranty
• German Made Quality
• Therapist On Line Video Training And Webinars
• Therapist Support And Advice Always Available
• Worldwide Closed Therapist Only Facebook Forum

2018 Industry Whitepaper:  Non-Invasive Interactive Neurostimulation; Physiokey and Sanakey

Sanakey Personal Device Physiokey Professional Device

Canada and USA – for further information contact Peter Stuart

I do have re-occurring injuries. I had the opportunity to be treated by Chris Mortensen – the main benefit for me was being able to stretch further – improve my function mainly of my hips.

I have been using my device on my ruptured Patella tendon. I have found the treatment to be highly and immediately effective. This treatment has really improved my recovery.

Your service, ethics, and prompt attention and answers to the many questions have been greatly appreciated.As you know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Sanakey!   I have become quite possessive about it and told the kids they can come over and use it here, that way when WE need it, it’s here!

Peter and the team at Key Health Technology are knowledgeable and highly effective in supporting their practitioners and clients who purchase any of the Key devices. You will never be left alone to fend for yourself and can always ask questions.