Sanakey – for personal use

Sanakey is the lastest development in hand-held medical devices for personal pain relief and wellness. With ease of operation and handling it provides fast pain relief for both acute and longer term treatments of chronic ailments.

 Sanakey – treatment options at your fingertips

The Sanakey provides energetic treatment options for:

  • Acute, pre and post-operative, and chronic pain (when treating more complex chronic conditions, it is recommended that self-treatment be carried out under the guidance of a practitioner and as a support to professional treatment).
  • Blood circulation
  • Passive muscle stimulation
  • Improvement and recovery of function

Sanakey – effective applications

The Sanakey provides fast and effective medical treatment applications for conditions that may include:

  • General aches and pains
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Pain from injury
  • Aggravated joint pain
  • Chronic back and neck conditions
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Dental pain
  • Cosmetic applications

The Sanakey: (Personal Kit)

  • Personal medical device manufactured in Germany
  • Modern technology and European quality design
  • Touch screen and full-colour LCD screen
  • Micro-usb charging
  • Base charging station included
  • Pads and lead provided for self-treatment
  • Hard case included
  • English and French manual
  • 2 year warranty

Sanakey – personal device

The Sanakey team is happy to assist you after your purchase is complete. Answering questions about the device is just as important to our service policy as our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sanakey Training Videos

Sanakey Specification

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Sanakey App is now available


Available now at the Apple Store and Google Play

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Technical data

Sanakey hand-held device:

Manufacturer:                            SCENARdeutschland GmbH Steppacher Str. 32a 86420 Diedorf Germany

Contact:                                       SCENARdeutschland GmbH Zum Gimbacher Hof 10 65779 Kelkheim


Phone:                                         +49 6195 677 2777

Fax:                                               +49 6195 969 444 7




Dimensions:                                 185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x W x H)

Weight:                                        140 g

Ambient temperature:             -25 … 50°C transport and storage

0 … 30°C operation

Ambient humidity:                    max. 93 % rel. humidity, non-condensing

Ambient air pressure:               700 hPa … 1060 hPa

Protection class:                         IP 42

Charging voltage:                       5V +/- 0.5V

Max. charging current:            500 mA

Max. charging time:                 180 min

Battery capacity:                        800 mAh

Typ. operating time:                  6 h (depending on the treatment mode and energy setting)

Min. charging cycles:                 500

Output value:                             a) Pulse operation:  < 10 mA (rms) at 10 kOhm                                                                            (depending  on the operating mode)

Pulse energy max. < 1 mJ/pulse at 10 kOhm

Energy setting adjustable in 100 settings

b) Key-phoresis DC operation: max. 1.2 mA at 10 kOhm                                                            Umax <= 12.5 V

Power setting adjustable in 100 settings

0 … 1 mA 50 settings [20 µA/setting]

1 … 10 mA 50 settings [180 µA/setting]

The device is not disturbed by wireless communication equipment (e.g. mobile phones) nor causes disturbances.

Charger (original accessory)

Input voltage range:                  90 … 264 VAC

Input frequency:                        47 … 63 Hz

Input current:                             max. 300 mA (rms) at 90 VAC, 50 mA (rms) at 230 VAC

No-load loss:                               0.17 W

Output voltage:                          5V +/- 0.5V

Power output:                            6 watts


The sanakey is a medical product. It is classified as a medical product of class IIa according to     EC directive 93/42/EEC annex IX and certified accordingly.


I do have re-occurring injuries. I had the opportunity to be treated by Chris Mortensen – the main benefit for me was being able to stretch further – improve my function mainly of my hips.

I have been using my device on my ruptured Patella tendon. I have found the treatment to be highly and immediately effective. This treatment has really improved my recovery.

Your service, ethics, and prompt attention and answers to the many questions have been greatly appreciated.As you know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my Sanakey!   I have become quite possessive about it and told the kids they can come over and use it here, that way when WE need it, it’s here!

Peter and the team at Key Health Technology are knowledgeable and highly effective in supporting their practitioners and clients who purchase any of the Key devices. You will never be left alone to fend for yourself and can always ask questions.