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physiokeyThe Physiokey uses high amplitude, high-density feedback-controlled pulse stimulation to the skin activating the body’s natural pain relieving and self-regulation mechanisms.

  • The device not only provides the direct therapeutic effect but also activates the natural defences of the body.
  • The effect is achieved through the massage stimulation of reflective zones and acupuncture points on the skin surface.

Pain relief therapy using Physiokey is an extremely effective non-invasive massage technology which works by stimulating the body’s self-repair mechanisms with minimal if any undesirable side effects.

Who can be helped with Physiokey?

  • Those who have acute or chronic pain where nothing else has worked for them.
  • Those who have nerve numbness, pain, or burning that is not relieved by injections or medications.
  • Long-term problems from injuries.
  • Recent injuries or trauma to the body of any kind.

How is the Physiokey applied?

The design and highly variable waveform of the Physiokey allows the therapist to deliver patient individualized and specific treatments using a new, fast, and simple treatment methodology. Treatment can be applied locally to the painful area, directly over the spine or over orthopaedic metal implants using Physiokey protocols.

The device is applied directly to the skin without the need for conductive gels.

The Physiokey provides treatment options for:

  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Passive muscle stimulation

The Physiokey:

  • Professional massage device manufactured in Germany
  • Modern technology and European quality design
  • Touch screen and full-colour LCD screen
  • Micro-usb charging
  • Base charging station
  • Removable and interchangeable electrode head
  • Hair/matrix/square/trigger (4) electrodes
  • User manual
  • Hard case
  • 2 year warranty
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The Physiokey team is happy to assist you after your purchase is complete. Answering questions about the device is just as important to our service policy as our 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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I do have re-occurring injuries. I had the opportunity to be treated by Chris Mortensen – the main benefit for me was being able to stretch further – improve my function mainly of my hips.

I have been using my device on my ruptured Patella tendon. I have found the treatment to be highly and immediately effective. This treatment has really improved my recovery.